Thursday, March 30, 2006


Love, and the Lack of it,
Mind, and the Madness of it,
Truth, and the Tenderness of it,
Pain, and the Purpose of it,
Darkness, and the Depth of it,
Tears, and the Truth of it,
Past, and the Pain of it,
Eyes, and the Emptiness in it,
Time, and the Trap of it,
Idle, and the Intimacy with it,
Fire, and just a Flicker of it,
Gale, and only the Gust of it,
Veil, and the Visions from it,
Death, and the Design of it,
Paradise, and just a Picture of it,
Child, and the Cruelty of it,
Eden, and the Entrapment of it,
God, are you the Garden I am in,
Or I the Dream in You?

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i 7 said...

detachment, and the dearth of it
attachment, and the approval fr it
knowledge, and the knots with it
silence, and the sound of it
wisdom, and the way fr it
conquest, and the conjuring fr it
thou, and the temptation of thou
you, and the yippee with you

Nice articles ash, unarguably one of the best blogs i hve ever seen. i accept im an amateur in this arena, nevertheless, ur pages cant be graded as mere impressive! in da last few days i hve gone tru most of ur posts, and well im awe-struck! Not to be surmised, ur page is bookmarked ;)