Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Summer of '06

Winter’s now practically disappeared and it’s summer-time again. I can feel the sweat on my brow, feel it crawling down my neck, I can sense the stickiness of my clothes and that familiar body odor that no deo can mask away. Oh, how I miss Winter, the cold that makes me feel warm inside, grey clouds hovering in the distance, a steaming cup of masala chai, a hint of rain when I take my bike out in the morning, the afternoon sun casting a gentle smile on me before hiding behind the clouds again, the evening rain, watching the rain sipping tea from the balcony and lost in thought, getting drenched from head to toe in the night rain, getting scolded from my mom every single time and just laughing back.
The only obvious advantages of this hot and humid climate is that I can now stop applying Vaseline on my dry skin, travel to coastal areas and frolic on the beaches and have all the ice-cream I crave for. My midnight snack’s now officially chocolate/vanilla ice-cream topped with banana and grapes.

1 comment:

Sunil said...

Bangalore Weather to your rescue !!!

No wonder I always had the confusion between different seasons in a Year.