Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Missing

Just read in today's newspapers that neurologist VS Ramachandran was here in Bangalore yesterday. Apparently, he gave a talk sponsored by the Science and Spirituality research of India. I sure wish I'd heard of this sooner. I would've loved to hear his speech. Reminds me of the time when Peter Molyneux was in town and I missed him, as I only got to know of his visit, right after he'd left. Boy, all this is getting a bit too aggravating. Anyway, I still have "Phantoms in the Brain" on my to-read list. Hope to start on it sometime.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Addict

Bang!!! Bang!!! Splash!!!Vroooom!!!!Splash!!!!Bang!!!! Bang!!!!
At last. After what seemed like an eternity of game-lessness, I finally satiated my negligent,tormented soul by fragging the living daylights out of hundreds of mercenaries in a tropical paradise in pursuit of a sexy female CIA operative. Before you begin to judge me as a psychotic or a maniac, let me just say that this is the theme of a game I've gotten addicted to over the weekend - "FarCry". Interestingly, I had earlier given up on even installing this game on my home computer as its requirements are a bit steep. But, as luck would have it (incidentally, me and Lady Luck don't actually see eye to eye) , I got a copy and thought....what have I got to lose??? Anyway, the game came through seamlessly on my paltry 32-bit PCI-E hungry system ( after a little bit of tweaking here and there) and, boy-oh-boy, it's painfully beautiful - water, surf, sand, foliage, birds, mutated primates, mercenaries, scientists, blood.....My eyes are wet, fingers sore, brain splintered, ears deaf, hair upright, thoughts splashed across every pixel on my monitor..........but I just can't stop myself from dragging my numb legs across the floor, faint halfway through, wake up, vomit incessantly, pull up the chair and finish what I've started-The redemption of mankind..........right now, the normal world looks like a far cry.