Friday, April 07, 2006

The Musical Harp

Pandora is a music lover's paradise. An eternity of fresh and eclectic music from authors all around the world, with a penchant for discovery and excitement like I've never experienced before. And I mean this from the humming C Major of my musical veins. Powered by the Music Genome Project and flashing a simple flash-based interface, it grips you right from the moment you step through the humming doors. The concept is ridiculously intuitive, even for a childish Steve Vai ("The Audience is listening"). I'm a long-time self proclaimed addict of Pandora. It made me discover some amazing artists. At the time I started using this service, I was more into a new-age, trance kind of music. I was listening to a lot of Enya, Chicane, Vangelis and Dido then. So, having set up my station to imitate music of this vague genre, I discovered some fabulous artists in Imogen Heap(Frou Frou), Bent, Pentatonik and Adrian Belew. After that, I had some recordings played to the tunes of 80's pop and Country. A few artists like The Decemberists, David Gray and Ph 7 captured my attention. Music, as an art form, uplifts the soul, brings on a sense of detachment from an inconsequentiality and propels the innate desire to be self-satisfied. A feeling of completeness, a full circle - Is that not what Life is all about? The Creation always outlives the creator. The creator is nothing more than an entity, a body form constrained by the physics of the universe. But not the creation. It is limitless. Not bounded by any laws or rules. It touches the heart, in a way nothing else can. That's all that matters in the end, I guess. A feeling of holding hands with Nature. An embrace with the skies. A tryst with the sea.
Every breath we take,
Every move we make,
Every bond we break,
Every step we take.........

If you haven't checked out Pandora, please do. Did I mention it's free?

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