Friday, July 29, 2005


Owning an iPod mini myself, I, like countless other ipodders out there, have a wish-list. These are the things I'd love to see in an iPod:
1. A color iPodMini
2. A video iPod (that atleast plays mpeg1)
3. Integrated FM Transmitter and Receiver
4. Blue-tooth for song transfers
5. A much larger display (something like Sony's new NW series mp3 players, which use "Organic Electroluminescence" display)
6. Different screen-color themes
7. Better battery life
8. Customizable exterior frames
9. Support for reading large e-books.
9. Song visualizations.
11. And,for heaven's sake, please give us a BLACK iPod.


Karthik said...

...and also ...
12.that which plays half-life, quake etc ..?? (atleast text mode ;-)!!)

just kidding dude.. but your wishlist is my wishlist as well...

ash said...

oooh!! Just imagine high-end graphics on a hand-held. Gives me the creeps!!!!!

Sunil said...

Ha ha ha...
thats a nice luking wishlist.
Lemme tell yuu abt Bluetooth... Its data transfer rate is abt 15 KBps.
So, you will have to stay near the comp for about 3 - 4 hrs to transfer 100 MB of songs. Thats about 25 songs !!!!! So, yuu might want to take it off the list and add some other form of data transfer !!