Thursday, July 28, 2005

Uncanny Valley

It certainly made sense to me from the first time I came across it. I mean, "Uncanny Valley" atleast explained why I did'nt like the movies "Final Fantasy","The Polar Express" and partly "Bicentennial Man" and "Shrek 2"; though they were graphically astounding. Incidentally, Pixar too believes that such a theory exists. Speaking of anthropomorphism, I just can't resist myself from raving 'bout this Calvin and Hobbes' strip(one of my all-time favourites)-

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Rajesh said...

Wow! The link made an interesting read. But I am not sure If I agree with the theory though. I did like "Bicentennial man".. But the robots in "I, robot" which were in the first part of the curve did generate empathy..

The calvin strip is too good. I hadn't seen it but now it is among the top contenders for the spot of "my favorite strip".

Good find and nice post :-)