Friday, October 21, 2005

Flocked Ya

I received an invitation from flock today, requesting me to try out their "developer-edition" release. Nice browser - this one. It's based on the Mozilla browser and hence has a lot of customizable features and extensions (a la Firefox). It was also laden with tiny noticeable bugs during my first 15-20 minutes with it, but that's fine - still an infant, this one. The interesting part is that it's actually a social browser of sorts ; has extensive bookmarking/tagging options and complete integration with del.ic.ious, blogger, wordpress & flickr. Sweet!!!. It also has exciting feature-sets such as "On the Fly Aggregation", that creates an aggregated view of various feeds and displays it on a single page (a wee bit similar to Google IG, start or netvibes), "Blog-This" - The ability to blog any piece of text on any page (kinda similar to the one on digg) and "The Shelf", which can store snippets of interesting content for later blogging. My only regret - like Firefox, this one too hogs close to 90 Megs of memory on my system when left running for a coupla hours. But, other than that, maybe I've finally got a worthy replacement for "The Fox".

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