Sunday, October 23, 2005


Saint Germain
Omigosh!!!! If anyone can make an ounce of sense out of these sites, I'll be forever grateful to 'em. This....this is just weird....plain wierd. It's like I've just come out of the cinema hall after a really bad movie with the sounds still bellowing inside my ears and my head starts spinning like a furious top. I mean, what's the purpose of all this piece of crap?? Does it have some hidden secret or puzzle, which I'm unable to figure out? Is it a text adventure? What the bloody is it? I remember this feeling I'm having right now. It's like the one I had when I was watching a movie sometime back - a supposedly horror one - "House of 1000 Corpses". Horrible movie that one. In the words of a character from Friends, "I felt like putting my fingers through my eyes into my brain and twirling it around". (shudder). Oh, by the way, the movie also has a sequel - "The Devil's Rejects". Now, who in the right mind, would trot along and make a sequel to that? Then again, who in the right mind, would have even made the first one?
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Krishna said...

I have not seen "House of 1000 Corpses".But I bet,it will be a lot better than that "Kill-Bill 2" :)

ash said...

No way!!!! Kill-Bill 2 is at the cutting edge ; the pinnacle of english movies and I'm definitely taking you to watch the next Tarentino movie.