Wednesday, June 15, 2005

this is me then

I was recently watching this new sitcom "Stark Raving Mad" on Star World, when I realised one of the characters in it was the protagonist in an old TV show called "Doogie Howser". I used to watch that series every day after school (on either star plus or star world. Don't remember which one). That show really inspired my adolescent thoughts, I must admit. It's 'bout this child genius of 14 or 16 who is an M.D. and works in a hospital after school, treating maladies of all sorts and proportions. The end of each episode always signified the end of a hard day's work for young Doogie, where he sits in front of a computer logging his thoughts onto a "blue screen" ( the edit program in DOS????). Anyway, I always thought at that time that the first thing I was gonna do when I get a computer was to log all my thoughts like he did, which I obviously never even came close to. So, that's one of the lame excuses for starting this blog thingy. Ok, so about me: books; objectivism; nocturnal; bangalore; drizzle; enigma; ipod; google;john carmack; michelangelo; pieta; ps3; aquafina; black currant; subway; tea; isla nublar; david gray; depeche mode; dire straits; 21 grams; amores perros; linux; fight club; tracy chapman; bell labs; friends; bbc; middle earth; galadriel; paradoxes; computer gaming; pizza; leelee sobeiski(GOD, I hope I got that right); nicole kidman; keira knightley.... (yaaaaawn.... the list is endless). Mesa getting sleeeepy. Lemme log off by quoting this pleonasm I came across recently:
"...and so it was deja vu all over again".

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