Thursday, June 16, 2005

Life or something like it

what I'm listening to: Do you feel loved-U2
the ringing in my head: Last thing-Diana Anaid
what I'm reading: The Agony and the Ecstacy-Irving Stone
what I'm not: The Da Vinci Code(don't intend to either)
what I'm writing: Computer code
what I'm not: A love letter
last movie I watched: Star Wars Episode III
last place I ate: Sweet Chariot
what I had: ummm, cheese garlic bread, vanilla cheese cake,
mint tea(if you can call it that!!!!)
what I'm thinking: Goa,Apple's move into x86,Ann Coulter,
Intelligent Design,lip syncing in computer games,
101 philosophical problems,the new Dockers ad,
Nokia N90,ipod,Star Wars....
what I wanted to write at the end of the post: this.

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