Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Twist

Ha aha!, you thought mere html and css could hold me back? I've broken through this senseless syntactical barricade, this....this collection of 'tags'. Bah! What an underestimation of my identity - Yes, I'm talking about my identity of a comment. I've promoted myself, quite self-consciously I must admit, to this superior state of being, this existence of a front-page post. What was meant to be submerged as just thoughts and reflections with only so much as a hyperlink dedicated to it from the main page has become enlightened, liberated even from its own existence. I stand here, extricated from all threads, solitary and autonomous, my head held high, at last living the life I adored. Well anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and if you're wondering about the post that always hogs this limelight, I've banished him to the "comments" section. Poor fella, he appears perplexed....

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ash said...

Reading this interview of Alain Resnais (conducted in the context of his fabulous film "Same old song") leaves me a little sad and frankly perplexed. The indifference shown by Resnais to film making is shocking. He appears detached from any emotions that indelibly accompany the making of a film. To the question, "What drove you to make a film?", he answers "I am never driven. Every film I've made has been an assignment." Later on in the interview, he comments "I never had any special appetite for filmmaking, but you have to make a living and it is miraculous to earn a living working in film." How is it then, in the absence of passion, his films are still fascinating studies? I guess the answer lies in commitment, but I still find it hard to accept. It also reminds me of Ritwik Ghatak who had a similar albeit probably milder detached disposition towards film and is said to have remarked that it is the capability of reaching the masses that draws him towards cinema and if some other medium came along that offered him more coverage, he would embrace that.