Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Pill

It was raining outside.
I could see it through the curtains.
Thunderstorms bellowed in the distance.
We just sat looking at each other.
I could see he was reading my thoughts.
I was no longer uncomfortable.
I rested my arms against the velvet of the armchair.
I closed my eyes.
I could hear him speak for a long time.
A dark, monotonic voice.
I could feel it.
Something crawling up on my skin.
An experience that could be felt.
He stopped talking.
I opened my eyes.
He looked at me.
He outstretched his arms and opened up his palms.
There were two pills - one red and the other blue.
They were shining against the dim light in the room.
He said, "It does not end here. It begins. The blue pill returns you to the drab life you've been leading till now. The red pill shows you how deep the rabbit-hole really goes. It's your choice."
I looked at him.
I looked at the rain outside.
I chose the yellow pill.


Krishna said...

Dude,u will give the wachowski brothers a run for their money !!!

Rajesh said...

Wtf is a YELLOW pill?

Sunil said...

i guess the yellow pill is the one that comes out after yuu take both the Red and blue pills and drink lots of Tequilla !!

Anonymous said...

yeah man, what is the yellow pill for??
is it the pill to enter surreal world of ashwin...
a mixture of HHGTG and Matrix....