Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Scanner Darkly

My last two novels, having similar dystopian themes, a political regime taking control of a war-waging humanity and the idea of a bleak future ( V For Vendetta and A Brave New World), I had pretty much decided to give myself a break from sci-fi. But, as so often happens with me, nothing ever goes according to plan. I fell, head over feet, for the trailer of A Scanner Darkly, the first film of its kind - purely cel-shaded, and gorgeous. The protagonist is voiced by Keanu Reeves, and there was something in it that just grasped me by the shoulders and shook me violently. I just had to read the book, by Philip K. Dick - a renowned sci-fi writer of his time. Truth be told, it was nothing like I imagined from a sci-fi author. The story weaves through the impact of drugs on our oh-so-impressionable minds, taking control of our brain and reducing us to pulp. I've begun to cherish this kind of writing, where there's not too much of emphasis placed on the technology ; but rather its effect on us and our moral values and principles. The shock with which we realize that every moment of our lives is hopelessly dependent on technology ; and our inability to accept that fact. I just hope the movie turns out to be as good as the book.

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