Monday, January 16, 2006

Ooga Mooga Ga

GNU's list of funny "C" declarations are hilarious indeed. Some of these are ingenious, actually. Personally, I think code, especially the ones that are a little difficult to understand or even otherwise, should be written in such a way that, people who happen to come across it should find it curious or amusing or even plain funny; 'cause if they do, then they might atleast take the effort to learn and understand it. Of course, writing obfuscated code is taking it a bit too far. I mean, seriously, any programmer worth his hat, should atleast take a glance or even a sideways teensy-weensy peek at any piece of code that appears interesting; even if it is not in his or her area of expertise, it would'nt harm to take a look at it. It's happened to me tons of times. One line, one lousy, stinking, good-for-nothing line that has a wierd statement, or a function declaration, or the name of a variable, that's all it takes to grab my attention. That's partly why reading the Linux source code is quite enjoyable at times. And that's also exactly why you should code a bit differently, or humorously, if possible, 'cause if you think you've written something interesting, then you better grab all the attention you can get to it. After all, there's a gazillion lines of code out there, and not as many programmers. So, put on you thinking cap and start writing code, "code that boldly goes where no code has gone before." May the source be with you.

As a sidenote, this is something I came up with as I was writing this post:
struct on_you; /* You know....the movie???? "Stuck On You"?? Ring a bell????...Oh, come on.... */
void aleehooo; /* would have made a yodeller proud */
float er_ahoy;
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Krishna said...

Herez one more...

char acterless;

ash said...

good one!!!! but, seriously man, you should stop referring
to yourself like that. he he!!!.