Thursday, January 12, 2006


What would happen if someday, someplace, you met yourself?
A question that is hypothetical at best and better left that way; at least till we find a way to hitchhike in the fourth dimension. But, what would happen if, one day, we somehow came face-to-face with our own self? Now, I don’t mean the physical self, but I’m rather more interested in the mind, or the spirit, or the karma….you get the drift. So, how will you feel if you met someone who thinks and behaves exactly like you do? I mean, this person, except for his or her appearance, likes everything you like, hates all the things you hate, dresses up exactly like you and basically has all the niceties and oddities that you might possess. What’ll be your first impression of this person? Will you be elated at having discovered something; something that feels so personal, like finding a toy you’ve hidden in your childhood?
Well, for me at least, I know it’ll be quite an astronomical shock. As far as I can remember, I’ve never met anyone who share all their passions with mine, who get irritated at all the miniscule and irrelevant things I get irritated at, who laugh at all the things I find funny and also hate the things I positively despise. Suppose I met myself, say at a coffee shop and we start talking. Now, I obviously don’t know the other guy is actually me and neither does he. So, we chat for a while and suddenly discover that we have almost everything in common, overlooking all the facts of life, like parents, schooling and stuff. We both love the same kind of music (mostly new-age, rock and alternative), the same authors (Crichton, Rand, Christie, Austen, Woolf, Tolkein….), the same sit-coms and also the same genre of movies (Surreal, Horror….). We also love technology and have lately taken up an interest in classical music and fine art ( we also quickly realize that neither of us understands what exactly art and music is, but want to find out exactly how it’s worth millions of dollars). Having extinguished this initial high-intensity flame to a cinder, I finally settle down and briefly sip my tea. Now, I always feel like an outcast when I’m in a coffee shop, ‘cause I don’t like coffee at all. I’m a tea guy and always will be. So, having ordered whatever basic tea that this joint had to offer, I immediately realized that the guy in front of me had also ordered tea. “Tea in a coffee shop. I feel like an idiot, but I can’t help it. I hate coffee” – he tells me. “Amazing. I was thinking the same thing” – I say. Wow, this person likes everything I like. Fun!!!! So, for the next few days, I meet up with this guy a lot and discuss everything I’m working on right now, talking about all the crazy stuff that I'm trying to implement. I also discover this guy loves Linux and has a keen interest in the same areas that I just enjoy working on. So, I come up with some good solutions and insights to most of these problems. But, very soon, I discovered that I never felt completely satisfied with the way I’ve solved it. There’s no sense of anticipation or discovery anymore. No sense of excitement or the realization of having done something wrong, or overlooked a minor detail. Everything felt so dull and dreary. It took me a while to realize why. I figured out, I cannot learn anything new from this guy ; I know nothing that I’ve not known before I met him that day. Moreover, hearing the same thoughts, like an echo, both from within my head and from his mouth, was beginning to get boring. It sounded both monotonous and repetitive. The next time we met, he told me that he was feeling the exact same thing. Whatever he was thinking came out of my mouth and he felt it best that we both go our separate ways. I agreed. We shook hands. We left. Opposite Ways. As I was walking home, it started drizzling. I stopped and looked up at the sky. Water ran down my hair and face. Strangely, I felt warm and fuzzy inside. I immediately knew he was feeling the same thing. We wished each other and resolved to meet up in the future.

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