Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Lament

Coming home every night, I think to myself that I shall not succumb to you, I shall not give up my resolve, and I shall not let you take over my mind and my body; and every morning, in retrospect, I realize I am, but a hopeless case, when it comes to resisting you. YOU – evil conjurer of the dark, seductress of the night winds, charismatic devil of the underworld, you stalk me all through the day and devour me at night; you devour me like a vampire, seeping your fangs into my fragile neck and weakening my consciousness till it capsizes under your immense power. Devil of the dark, I call you. Hideous creature you. Night after night after night, you unleash your minions upon me; I can feel them moving all over my body, slowly at first, then faster and faster, their speed rising exponential with time. In a matter of minutes, I am all but vanquished. A zombie is what I become; waiting on your every whim till dawn breaks and so does your spell. My mind is your playground. You are but a megalomaniac; your desire to play with my mind is what makes you that. Haughty you. Night after night, I succumb to you, shamelessly, helplessly. All my attempts to overthrow your reign have been futile. An evil King is what you’ve become; tyranny is what you practice on me. Bah!!!! Your stench makes me nauseas, yet I can’t turn away from you. You have me in a stranglehold. I struggle in your grasp every night, writhing painfully, my eyes fixated on you, struggling to free myself from this merciless demon, this --- this vixen. But I fail, I fail every single time, every single night. Your most fearful minion, you unleash upon me. His….his “methods” are very different from yours. You are a silent killer, one who stops at nothing till your goal is reached, your aim fulfilled, your efforts aptly rewarded. And then you rejoice silently, letting your victims realize their defeat at your hands. Not he!!!! I am terrified of him. His modus-operandi is….is….”different”. His visits are sporadic all through the night, his stay much more random. And the visions he shows me are puzzling, dangerous, impossible and sometimes terrifying. Every night, you make sure he visits me. But, of his sojourns, I remember none at morn, except that he visited me. I hear whispers, whispers loud enough for me to hear, whispers loud enough to make sure I hear them, whispers that say you call him “Dreams” - A plural representation of a singular entity. I was puzzled initially, puzzled at this thought. It doesn’t matter anymore. None of this does. When I defeat you, none of this will remain. They’re all useless, meaningless without you. You are the ONE - The one mastermind behind this endless drama unfolding every night, the drama that ends with the first light of dawn. I have hopelessly tried every devious attempt to thwart your actions before – but not this time - this time, I have sided with your arch-nemesis - caffeine - he is now my closest compatriot. Together, we shall overthrow you from the throne you’ve taken over in this kingdom, this kingdom where you’re no longer needed. We shall banish you from this place, this holy land, where nothing was black, before you came. We shall watch you limp in agony to the wastelands, to the lands where there are none as helpless as me to devour, none who shall even endure your companionship. You will regret the day you took over me. Mark my words. You will come to regret it. Till then, I shall call you by the name most fear to utter even in your absence.
“SLEEP”. damned “SLEEP”!!!!!!!

(Inspired by a 3:00 AM dream I had last night).


Sunil said...

"Mosquitoes" !!!
You are talking abt those tiny pesky "enemies of SleeP"... right ?!

ash said...

he!!he!!! Are you suggesting I let a mosquito
swarm take over my place so I can stay awake? That's so wierd it might just work!!!!

Rajesh said...

I see your face.. pale, bloodless and haggard.. your limbs limp and your body twisted in pain.. the day you breate in the very last time.. I see you smile smile for you have conquered her..

Krishna said...

Thu, nimmajji,adenu anta baritiyo.Mail alli baro fwds ginta worst pj idu !!!

ash said...

Aiyo magane, idhu pj andre ninge adhara artha ne gothila.